Zunzun Image Optimization CDN

A simple add-on to transform, optimize and serve images in next-gen formats with up 70% reduction in file size. Get a powerful, fast, and cost-efficient image CDN in a few clicks on top of your current setup.

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Easy integration

Simply add some javascript and a script-tag and you are ready to go. Using a service worker all your image request URL:s will be changed to be served by the image CDN. Images where it is possible with compression without perceptible distortion will be convert to next-gen formats like WEBP.

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Next-gen formats

The image optimization finds non-optimized images in PNG and JPEG at your website and automatically converts them to next-gen image formats like WEBP. The optimizations runs with several quality settings and the outputs are checked so that you get compression without perceptible distortion.

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No binding time

It should be easy to use and easy to test. We know the value that our image optimization brings, and we also want to make it as simple as possible for you to try it out. Therefore no binding time applies for the image optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you combine Zunzun's Image Cdn with other CDNs?

Yes, but not with other image CDN services. If you are using a CDN for the delivery of content, you can just add our javascripts and script-tag to your HTML.

Can I control the service on my own?

Yes, simply add a CNAME or change the source domain of your images and you will activate the service.

Do Zunzun cache all my images?

Yes! Zunzun caches all the images served by the main domain, whether they are optimized or not. This means that the load on the origin server will be reduced.

Why serve images in next-gen formats?

AVIF, JPEG2000 and WebP formats all have significantly better compression and quality characteristics compared to old and traditional PNG and JPEG. By encoding images in next-generation formats you’ll per say improve loading times and consume less cellular data additional to better quality and improved user experience.

Easy Setup In a Few Steps

An Image CDN Edge Network is a geographically distributed group of edge servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content using Zunzun. It allows for the quick and strategic transfer of assets needed for fast-loading e-commerce websites.

1. Easy and fast integration
done in a few clicks

Just add a CNAME or change your image URL:s. Zunzun collects images by it’s url:s with output of a new optimized image ready to be served when it’s requested.

2. Cached at edge servers
with storage for your image library

Get images closer to your target audience optimized and cached delivered to improve loading times.

3. Deliver images in next-gen formats
for improved performance

Automated compression that leverages WebP, JPEG2000 and AVIF using encoding tools and quality checks.

4. On-demand service
for scalability

Add more Zunzun features to improve security, speed and image quality in your dashboard.

“Zunzun's image optimization has been truly helpful to improve our loading times — by lowering the file sizes by an average of 30% while at the same time not losing quality in the generated next-gen formats. Time savings are also huge thanks to the automation.”

Pauline Mämpel
E-Commerce Manager — Future Eyewear Group